Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fudgecicle 5K

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Race #8 in the Fudgcicle 5K Series)

At race time (8:00 AM), temp is 25 degrees...just about ideal for a late winter race.  I still can't run because of an injury...but I'm here to cheer and take photos of the runners.

They wave back when they see me and hear me cheer.

After the last runner passes me here, I drive to the finish line to cheer for them there.

Go, Jen!

Go-o-o-o, Dave!

If you click on the “Play” button in the center of the photo below, you can view my slideshow, and see what I see at the Fudgcicle 5K.  (Go ahead...  Press the button!  Join me at this Fudgecicle 5K!)

The Slideshow:

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