Sunday, February 15, 2009

Half at the Hamptons

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Race #3 in the Locorunning “Will Run For Beer” Series)

You must be wondering:

Why are there no photos in this blog entry? Why no photos of this race?

Because I'm not there.

I pre-registered for the Half at the Hamptons, and looked forward to it.  I think of it as a good benchmark in my training for Boston...

...but right now I can't run.  Can't even walk.  I get sudden, intense pain in my, err, butt with every step, no matter how gently I try to move.  So I

Just.  Can't.  Walk.

Hope to recover soon.  But for now, no races. 

(I am only including this page because later this year you might want to click on the link at the right, labelled "Will Run for Beer"...and I don't want you to wonder, What happened to Race #3 in the Series?)

Race #3 is happening just fine.  But, alas, it is happening without me.

See you next week.

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