Saturday, March 28, 2009

April Fools Race

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Race #4 in the Locorunning “Will Run For Beer” Series)

These are photos I took at the 2009 April Fool's Race in Salisbury, MA:

This race is part of the "Will Run for Beer" race series hosted by Locorunning.

A terrific race! It was my second race after recovering from a back injury that made it very painful for me to walk for more than a month, and my goal was just to run and not get hurt. When I crossed the finish line without limping, I felt like the Winner!

Many thanks to Locorunning and to the Winners Circle Running Club for putting on this great race.

I love this race because it is a pure out-and-back: you run two miles to a small rotary (what people outside of Massachusetts call a traffic circle); then run around it and run back along the same route. This means that you get to see all of your friends during the race, whether they are ahead of you or behind. I carried a small camera and took pictures as I ran, and tried in this album to give you a "Runners-eye" view of experience.

I ran with a camera, and took pictures as I ran. (Yes, I took photos as I ran. I didn't stop or slow down. After all, I was in a race!) If you click on the “Play” button in the center of the photo below, you can view my slideshow, and get a first-person experience of the 2009 April Fools Race in Salisbury, MA:

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