Sunday, October 4, 2009

Irish-American 5-Miler

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Here are photos I took while running the 2009 Irish American 5-Miler in Woburn, MA.

The race this year is an anniversary for me. It was exactly a year ago, at this race in 2008, that I first tried to take photos while running in a race. I didn't know if any of the photos would come out, but some did...and I decided this approach had promise. Since then I've posted albums of 37 races that give you a "Runners-Eye" view of what it's like to be inside a race. (These include albums of the Mt. Washington Road Race and the USATF-NE Mountain/Trail Circuit--aka the "Mountain Goat" series.)

I hope you enjoy these photos of the Woburn race. The Shamrocks put on a great race and great post-race party. (Thanks, Shamrocks!)

I ran with a camera, and took pictures as I ran. (Yes, I took photos as I ran. I didn't stop or slow down. After all, I was in a race!) If you click on the “Play” button in the center of the photo below, you can view my slideshow, and get a first-person experience of the 2009 Irish American 5-Miler in Woburn, MA.

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