Monday, December 9, 2013

See it here FIRST! The hidden SECRET behind the success of the Mill Cities Relay!

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At the Mill Cities Relay in Lowell, MA (December 8, 2013)

Throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire,
runners look forward all year to the Mill Cities Relay--a race that runs
27 miles along the Merrimack River from Nashua, NH to Lawrence, MA.

Logistics for this multi-club, multi-state race require
meticulous planning and flawless execution on race day.

Yet it always goes off without a hitch!
Hundreds of relay teams enjoy every mile!

What is the secret behind this success?

Now we know!

Race Director Jessica Costa has enlisted the help of no less powerful an ally than...
Santa himself!

Photos don't lie.

As you can see, the Mill Cities Relay has the Big Guy himself
 making everything work to perfection!

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