Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Streak Running: Day 365! One full year as a STREAK RUNNER!

Lexington, MA (December 31, 2013)

"Streak Running" is not what you might remember from the 1970's--
when "streakers" ran naked through college campuses! :)

It means running every day, for at least a mile
each time, for a number of days.  (A "streak")

On January 1, 2013, I made a New Year's Resolution:
Run at least a mile outdoors every day of the year.

Today (December 31), I ran for the 365th consecutive day.
On every one of those days, I ran at least a mile outdoors.

Rain.  Snow.  Blizzard.  
Summer heat that threatened to melt the street.

I ran.

Today it is 19 degrees, and a howling wind 
from Canada makes it feel like single digits.

But I don't mind.  I am FLYING!

I don't notice the temperature.
Just the fact that this is Day 365.

This run marks my first year as a Streak Runner!

(A camera I placed by the side of the path took this photo
as I ran.  So this is a self-portrait.)

A little background: I took up running in 2004.
Never ran a mile before then.

Every year since then I've had an injury 
that made it impossible for me to walk for weeks.

A different injury each year.  Several required surgery.
So I never imagined that I'd be able to run every day.

Certainly not for any extended time!

But this year I figured it out:

 I run a mile of hills each morning.
(I never run more than two miles unless I'm in a race.)

It's a very simple plan, which owes its
success to two principles:

1) By running every day, I maintain the 
fitness to race without getting hurt.  

2) By limiting my weekly miles, I avoid the overuse
injuries that always sidelined me in the past.

Compared to other long-term runners, 
my single year of streak running is no big deal.

But it thrills me--because it means I have found a way
to run, and race, without injury!

See you on the road!


Cynthia said...

Congrats! As a newbie streaker (day 65 done)I can imagine the thrill of the 365th day.

I LOVE the self portrait.

runwithken said...

Thanks, Cynthia!

Congrats on your 65-day running streak! That is HUGE!

In a little over a month you'll hit 100 days. That was very important to me. (I celebrated by posting a photo of a cake with 100 candles. :)

At some point I stopped thinking about numbers...and just knew when I woke up each morning that I would run a mile that day. So before I stepped out of bed, I decided when and where I'd run.

It became a daily habit.

For me, that was transformative.

I wish you MANY miles of smiles as you run...and run...and run!

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