Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Something new! Enter this quiz...for a chance to win a FREE Race Entry!


Thank you for choosing to Run with Ken on so many races!

Road races
Trail races...
Mountain races...
and Open Water Swim Races!

Of course, for most of you,
it's all been VIRTUAL.

(You've run with me online...
but not in the race.)

So now I want to invite you to something new.


On February 15 I will run a new race.  

A 5K that features scenery and 
very fine post-race refreshment.

(Are you over 21?  Then let me tell you that this race features
 beer and wine for the runners, after we cross the finish line!)

I have never run a race of this type before. 
 But I'm looking forward to it!

And here's the Very Cool part:

The race organizers have told me 
that I can invite one of you to join me!


One of you can run this race on 
February 15, in Malden, MA, as my guest.

But you have answer a question first.

Take your time.

Each entrant gets ONE chance to enter this quiz.

Only one entrant will win.

So hold back.  Think this through.

Okay.  Here's the quiz.

I have run hundreds of races in recent years.  
All kinds of races.  
Open Water Swim Races.  
Road Races.  
Trail Races.
Nearly-vertical Mountain Races.

But there is ONE kind of race I have NEVER run!

Comment below to express your best guess 
about the type of race I have never entered...

...and you MIGHT be the winner who gets to 
run this upcoming race with me.

(Hint:  This race is on Feb 15.  
That's one day after Feb 14.  Yes.  Feb 14.)

Okay!  Here's the quiz:


"Run With Ken" has never run WHAT kind of race:

1)  Mt. Washington Road Race

2)  Boston Marathon

3)  5K Open Water Swim

4)  Olympic-distance Triathlon

5)  Halloween-themed race

6)  Valentines-day-themed race


Think it through!  

(Remember the hint.
Feb 15 is the day after WHAT DAY?)

Then enter your best guess in a comment below.

I will pick one winner, from the correct entries 
received by 11:59 pm  EST on Friday, February 7.

(I will pick one winning entry from the comments to this blog,
merged with the submissions on Facebook and on Twitter.)

Good luck!

(P.S.  The winner won't have to run with me.

Maybe you're faster than I am.
Maybe I'm faster than you.

Just run as fast as you can!
I'll run as fast as I can.

At the the end, our finish times will be
totaled to give us a team score.

Then we'll raise a beverage together,
to salute our run!)


Marc Sylvain said...

Valentines-day - themed race

missjenna1 said...

Valentine's Day themed race? : )

iRunNewEngland said...

Boston marathon

Anonymous said... it Valentine's day themed race? Just a guess....!

Erin Campbell said...

Valentine's Day themed race?

Julia Magnusson said...

If the correct answer isn't an Olympic-distance open-water swim from Hopkinton to Mt. Washington at Halloween, then I'd guess a Valentine-themed race!

E Stover said...

I'm going to go with 6 - valentines themed race :)

E Stover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matthew Shapiro said...

the answer is a Valentines Day Themed race

matthew shapiro said...

valentines day themed race is the answer.

Anonymous said...

valentines race, Kurt Nelson

Unknown said...

strange how my "post" from a few days ago via my iphone never actually processed.

oh well, the answer is obviously:
6) Valentines-day-themed race

got your cupid wings ready Ken?

Cate Hartnett said...

I'm guessing it's #6 - A valentine's themed race? :)

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