Friday, February 7, 2014

Only a few hours left! Will YOU get to "Run with Ken" for FREE at a race on March 15 in Malden, MA?

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Every day I run alone.
Usually in the faint light before dawn:

A solitary shadow...
gliding silently over the hills near my home.

I love the peace and solitude of these predawn runs.
They bring me closer to the sky.

The moon is my friend
and the stars are my guide.

But on weekends I leap like a spawning salmon 
into the energy and life of a RACE!

 A river of runners!
Clad in all colors!

We flow over the hills and flood the streets!

We run together for a few brief miles,
and form friendships that last for years!

After the race we raise a glass to one another
and all is right with the world.

But on February 15, I need YOUR help!

There's a new race!

I want to run it:

It's a 5K race in Malden, MA.

(5K is 3.1 miles.
If you haven't yet pinned on a bib number, 
this business of "K" might be hard to translate.)

After the race, if you are 21 or older,
 you can enjoy some excellent beer...
...or wine if you prefer.

Gotta rehydrate!

But here's my problem.

The Love Em or Leave Em Run is designed for couples.
Maybe romantic couples.  
Maybe friends, family, or neighbors.

Doesn't matter what kind of couple you might be.

But the whole theme is Teams of TWO!

Teammates might run together.
Or each of you might run at your own pace.

Doesn't matter.  You're a team.
Your finish times will be added together to get a team score.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post:

    Will YOU be my teammate?   

I will pick one teammate from the people who
enter the following quiz, and submit the correct answer.

That's right: 
one of you will get to run this race for FREE!

You don't have to run with me.
But I will do my best to get a photo of YOU as you run.

The quiz closes at 11:59 pm tonight. (Feb 7, 2014)
If you enter more than once, 
I will only consider your final entry.

   The Love Em or Leave Em Run   
is on Feb 15: one day after Feb 14.

Okay.  Here's the quiz.
Please submit your answer in a comment below.


"Run With Ken" has never run WHAT kind of race:

1)  Mt. Washington Road Race

2)  Boston Marathon

3)  5K Open Water Swim

4)  Olympic-distance Triathlon

5)  Halloween-themed race

6)  Valentines-day-themed race


I will pick one winner, from the correct entries 
received by 11:59 pm  EST on Friday, February 7.

(I will pick one winning entry from the comments to this blog,
merged with the submissions on Facebook and on Twitter.)

Good luck!

(P.S.  The winner won't have to run with me.

Maybe you're faster than I am.
Maybe I'm faster than you.

Just run as fast as you can!
I'll run as fast as I can.

At the the end, our finish times will be
totaled to give us a team score.

Then we'll raise a beverage together,
to salute our run!)

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