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Celebrate Mother's Day--with a Mother's Day 5K!

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Rain couldn't dampen this runner's enthusiasm!  (At the Green Stride Mother's Day Indulgence 5K in Amesbury, MA.  5/12/2013)

(Scroll down to see up-close action photos of the runners!)

Your Mom is special.  (You know how special!)  
And if you're a Mom, you are special.

So celebrate this special day with a Mother's Day 5K!

If you live north of Boston, 
here are two terrific races I recommend.

(They're both great races, and my only regret
is that I can't run both of them.)

So pick one!

In chronological order, they are:

Each race has a special feel...a story.
I can tell you the story of each race in a single word:

Mother's Day Indulgence 5K:    Indulgence!

Patrick Downey 5K:    Family!

Mother's Day Indulgence 5K

This race lives up to its name!
Every pre-registered runner gets a bottle of Jewell Towne Vineyards wine, a box of chocolates and a great tech shirt.
Are you AND the mom in your life running together? Register for the Indulgence Package and receive: 
  • One Green Stride Mother’s Day silver necklace ($60 retail value)
  • One Mother’s Day tech shirt
  • Two bottles of Jewell Towne Vinyards Wine 
  • Two boxes of chocolates. 

Register online here...or at the race on Sunday, here.

(I ran the race last year, and loved it.  As I ran, I took dramatic action photos of the other runners.  Scroll down to see them flying on the course--and at the finish line!)

Patrick Downey 5K

This race is all about family.  And Chucks!
The Patrick Downey 5K is a road race that comes from a promise.  The promise was from a sister to a brother who was sick with esophageal cancer.  
I am the sister.  And I am also a runner.  When my older brother Patrick became sick with this awful disease I felt helpless and wanted to do anything to help.
Patrick's birthday often fell on Mother's Day, so we hold the race on Mother's Day for him...and for our Mom.  
In college he wore flannel shirts and Chuck Taylors.  If you run the Patrick Downey 5K, I encourage you to embrace his style and wear flannel.  A columnist for Runner's World magazine has written about running in Chuck Taylors so feel free to wear them if you want!  
------Race Director Shannon Downey 

Register online here...or at the race on Sunday, here.

And now...the best part of this post: action photos of the runners!

Mother's Day Indulgence 5K: Action photos!

These runners chased me for miles!  Somehow I stayed just a few feet ahead of them.

Close to the finish line...and they're snapping at my heels!  I took this photo without looking back or breaking stride!

FLOATING to the finish line!

A Mom and her daughter--running side by side!

Patrick Downey 5K: Action photos!

...and a photo from the past:

Patrick Downey and his younger sister, Shannon...some years ago.

Wishing you and your Mom a wonderful Mother's Day!

Hope to see you at one of these races!

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