Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dark water...cold as a steel cocoon. But I'm an open water swimmer, and this is my home.

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Cold waters of a New England lake, north of Boston, MA.  May 27, 2014

I took this photo as I was swimming.  
(No, I didn't stop--I took the photo as I was swimming.)  

The turbulence you see is from my stroke through the water.

If a photo of a shadow...
or one's reflection in a mirror...
is a self-portrait, 
then this roiled water is MY self-portrait.

(I took this photo as I was testing a new camera and
technique for photographing open-water swimmers
during Triathlons and Open Water Swim races.)

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Sullivan J Photography said...

Fun! Fun! I like these moments...this is what photography is about! :)

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