Friday, May 30, 2014

Open Water Swimming brings me closer to the SKY!

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Dramatic photo of a bald eagle, and the story of sighting the eagle after open water swimming at the Mystic Lakes in Winchester, MA. New England. Bird
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I swam in the open water yesterday...
which always makes me feel close to the sky.

(I swim backstroke, so I watch the sky the whole time.
I feel as if I'm swimming through the clouds.)

When I emerged onto the beach, 
a couple of bird-watchers were pointing up
 and engaged in an animated discussion.

 I heard the words "bald eagle" and walked over.

"A bald eagle?" I asked.

I'd heard reports of a bald eagle...
or perhaps more than this lake.  
But I'd never seen one.

The one with the binoculars pointed over the treeline.

"There it is.  I can't tell if it's a juvenile,
 but it's definitely a bald eagle."

The other fellow nodded, and pointed.

I turned and followed their fingers.


A shadow, slicing through the sky.

Whirling and diving like a kid on a trampoline,
 just for the pure joy of it.

I watched the eagle dip and soar, 
as a brisk wind blew cold lake water
from my bare skin.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Ken Skier.  All rights reserved.

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