Monday, May 19, 2014

Trail Runner FLYING to the finish line--and an Age Group First!

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Dramatic action photo of trail running: a runner flying to the finish line at the XTERRA Trail Series MA #1--Wallum Lake--in Douglas, MA.
At the XTERRA Trail Series MA #1--Wallum Lake in Douglas, MA (May 17, 2014)

I haven't run a trail race since last July.

(That race ended badly.

While running a precipitous rocky trail
up and down a mountain, 
I found I could barely see.

A massive blind spot from a migraine 
made the trail, and my feet, 
a flickering blur.

Neurologists call it a scintillating scotoma.

The world looks like a bad neon sign--
broken and fragmented.  Strobing.
Half of what you see is just an illusion.

I couldn't see where to step.

And any misstep would make me tumble!
All the way down the mountain.
Next stop: the ER.

So I quit.

There are three letters every runner hates:
I did not finish that race, last July.)

Haven't run a trail race since then.

But an invitation to run the XTERRA Trail Series MA #1--
at scenic Wallum Lake in Douglas, MA--
sounded mighty appealing.

So I went!

What a great race!

Leaping and romping up and down the rocky trails,
I felt like a porpoise: 
not swimming in the ocean blue, 
but gliding through the deep green forest!

As this photograph shows,
I flew toward the finish line
and my feet never touched the ground!

Thanks, MRA Multisport and XTERRA
for a great trail race!

(A camera I'd placed near the finish line
captured this photo.  So it's a self-portrait:
an action selfie!)

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