Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The magic ELIXER! Rockpile IPA, brewed by ace race photographer Scott Mason for the Mt. Washington Road Race.

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Ace race photographer Scott Mason at the Mt. Washington Road Race in Gorham, NH (June 21, 2014)

is known the world over as a grueling, relentless grind.  

You run up a grade that is steeper 
than any hill you have ever encountered.

And it doesn't quit.

For 7.6 miles you force one leg after the other...
and steeper
And Up.

There are no flat spots.
No downhills.

No relief.

Just an endless wall that saps the will
and makes strong men cry.

At the summit, the winds of winter howl with a vengeance.

You stand there, soaked in your sweat
 as the harshest gale of February flails your bare skin.

And you smile.
You dance.

Because you ran up Mt. WASHINGTON!!!!

When a friend drives you down to the base of the mountain,
you find other friends.

I found Scott Mason:
known throughout the mountain running community
for his awesome photography of mountain runners...

....and known to a fortunate few
 for his skill as a brewmaster.

When I found Scott he still had some bottles in his cooler:
Rockpile IPA.

A special brew, made with loving care to recharge
those of us who ran up Mt. Washington.

He'd saved a bottle for me.
I sipped it slowly.

Nectar of the Gods!

Thanks, Scott!

I can't share Scott's beer with you...
but I can share his photos!

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