Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kayak vs. SUP--a Paddling DUEL! At the XTERRA French River Triathlon in Oxford, MA.

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I've been a swimmer all my life.

I'm more comfortable in the water 

than I am on land.

But I've never paddled a SUP
(Stand-up Paddleboard)!

...and only paddled a kayak once or twice.

So when I finished the open water swim
at the XTERRA French River Triathlon
I stayed in the water.

Keeping out of the way of the paddlers,
I stayed close enough to their course
to capture these photos.

Look at them go!

After paddling two laps of the lake,
they will mountain-bike and then run 
winding trails through these New England hills.

Action photos of Kayak vs. SUP(Stand-up Paddleboard) paddling duel at the XTERRA French River Triathlon in Oxford, MA. (June 28, 2014).  Sports photography by Ken Skier, The Swimming Photographer (
Kayak vs. SUP!

Photographed at the 
XTERRA French River Triathlon
in Oxford, MA (June 28, 2014).

Thanks, MRA MultiSport and XTERRAPlanet
for putting on this great race!

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