Friday, July 18, 2014

LEAPING from the start line! Runners at the 4K on the 4th in Concord, NH.

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At the 4K on the 4th in Concord, NH (July 5, 2014)

All week long we wait for this moment.

Trail Race...  Road Race... Triathlon...
Doesn't matter!

Starter's pistol.  Air horn.  "3-2-1" countdown.
Doesn't matter!

We bunch up at the start line
and when we hear the bang or that magic word...

...we LEAP!

These runners were just behind me
as I burst from the start line at the 4K on the 4th.

(a rare 4K race in Concord, NH.)

This woman just behind me 
leaped halfway to the SKY!

Why do we run?
It is for moments like this!

for putting on this fine race!

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