Saturday, July 26, 2014

Open water swimming? Please be SAFE! The danger is not from SHARKS--but from hazards like this!

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Photo of a small powerboat, and discussion of how to stay safe while open water swimming.

If you love open water swimming
(as I have, all my life)
then you've heard your friends express their concerns.

The two big ones, of course:

     What if you drown?


     What about SHARKS?

I swim in New England, and it is true that
Great White Sharks frequent the 
Atlantic waters off our coast.

But I never worry about sharks.

The real killer is not some creature from the Jurassic Age,
but one from our modern mechanized era:


Power boats.

Boats with propellers.

If  you swim in the open water, please be SAFE!

Some lakes and ponds prohibit motorcraft.
Others allow them.

Know the rules for the waters where you swim.

A small outboard can kill you faster than any
shark from a scary movie.

Be safe, my friend.

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