Thursday, July 24, 2014

Smiling as she SLICES through the wind! Aero cyclist at the Whaling City Triathlon in New Bedford, MA.

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Up-close action photo of an aero cyclist, tucked low while bicycling at the Whaling City Triathlon in New Bedford, MA. Sports Photography from Inside the Pack by Ken Skier. (
At the Whaling City Triathlon in New Bedford, MA (July 6, 2014)

If you had to pick one word for this photo,
 what would it be?



Maybe.  But I think:


Just look at her face!

This happy cyclist is slicing through the wind,
tucked low on the aerobars of her Tri bike.

Oh, she is loving this moment!

A camera on my bike took this picture.
She was just behind me.

But not for long!
She passed me a moment later,
and flew on down the road.

(I wasn't nearly as fast. I sat more upright...enjoying 
sweeping views of the water all along the course.)

for putting on this scenic triathlon!

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