Friday, August 1, 2014

As dramatic as a whale BREACHING! Open Water Swimming at the Marshfield-Duxbury Triathlon in Duxbury, MA.

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Up-close action photo of triathlete beaching like a whale while open water swimming at the Marshfield-Duxbury Triathlon. Photography from Inside the Pack by Ken Skier, the Swimming Photographer. (
Open water swimmer at  the Marshfield-Duxbury Triathlon in Duxbury, MA (July 27, 2014)

What is more damatic than an open water swimmer?

An open water swimmer leaping for the sky!

Like a whale breaching:

Humpback whale breaching.  (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

I took the top photo as I was swimming in the
   Marshfield-Duxbury Triathlon in Duxbury, MA.

(Yes, I was swimming as I took the photo.
I did not stop or slow my stroke.
After all--I was in a race!)

After swimming 1/4 mile in the cold waters of the Atlantic,
these triathletes biked 11 miles of seaside roads
and then ran 3 miles on the beach.

Thanks, Streamline Events, for putting on
this scenic triathlon by the sea!

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