Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Primal SCREAM? No! Open Water Swimming at the Mad River Endurafest in Waterville Valley, NH.

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Up-close action photo of triathlete, open water swimming at the Mad River Endurafest Triathlon in Waterville Valley, NH. Photography from Inside the Pack by Ken Skier, the Swimming Photographer. ( The Mad River Endurafest is produced by Sun Multisport Events (
Open Water Swimming at  the Mad River Endurafest in Waterville Valley, NH (August 2, 2014)

Scream as loud as you can!
(Go ahead.  I'll wait.)

You won't exhale air more powerfully
than an open water swimmer.

And an open water swimmer does this
with every stroke.


You'd better believe it!

I took this photo as I was swimming in the
Mad River Endurafest Triathlon in Waterville Valley, NH.

This swimmer was right next to me.

(Yes, I was swimming as I took the photo.
I did not stop or slow my stroke.
After all--I was in a race!)

After swimming .4 mile in the blue water of Corcoran Pond,
these triathletes biked 20 miles on mountain roads
(or 5 miles on mountain trails)...
then ran about 4 miles on roads or trails to the finish line.

A great day for road and off-road triathletes!

Thanks, Sun Multisport Events, for putting on
this scenic triathlon in the White Mountains!

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