Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's a Trail Race without a STREAM to cross? Trail Running at the XTERRA Trail Race (MA #2) in Oxford, MA.

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Action photography of trail runners crossing a stream at the French River Trail Run (XTERRA Trail Series MA #2) in Oxford, MA. Sports Photography from Inside the Pack by Ken Skier, the Running Photographer. (
Stream Crossing at the French River Trail RUn (XTERRA Trail Series MA #2) in Oxford, MA (June 28, 2014)

We think of trail running and of course we think of trails.
And running.

(Maybe flying!
Leaping over rocks...
and fallen trees.)

Sometimes we do leap.
We float.
We fly like a bird!

But then nature throws a curve.

Suddenly there's no trail at all:
just a flowing stream.

And we're not running!

Barely walking.

Just trying to cross the wet barrier
without falling!

These runners were right behind me
at the French River Trail Run
 in Oxford, MA.

(Yes, I was running as I took this photo.
I didn't stop or slow my pace.
After all--I was in a race!)

If you love trail running, you're in luck!

The next race in the XTERRA series 
is Saturday, August 16
in Oxford, MA:

Hodges Hoedown!

You can run a Half-Marathon or a 10K course.
On trails, of course.
(With the occasional stream crossing!)

Thanks, MRA MultiSport and XTERRAPlanet
for putting on this great race series!

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